Phone manufacturers constantly patch these exploits. Remember that the manufacturer is more interested in security than the freedom that rooting affords. This is understandable, given the damage a third-party app with malicious coding can wreak on your phone with root access. WeakSauce is another app coming from the XDA forums that can root Android devices without a computer. Framaroot and Universal Androot are better, more reliable, and effective universal rooting methods for various Android devices.

  • Normally, you will find an app named “SuperUser” installed on your device after successful rooting.
  • The receiver will receive the APK for them which they can use to install on their device.
  • This app is not available in the google play store but you can download it from our website.
  • What’s more, the Android root app runs very fast and does not put an extra burden on the CPU.
  • Now install the app on your device and then enable this app in your Xposed installer.
  • That’s a lot to provide for the cost of a $5.99 download.

It’s also a plus if you emulate games on PC like CEMU or Citra where you need to sometimes tap the screen, that’s where the touch pad on the DS4 comes into play. We come to the conclusion of the Top-notch Bluetooth controllers for Android devices. These controllers listed above are prominently used. It’s a list of masterly researched most-used controllers across the globe. Imangi Studios has really made a name for themselves when they first released Temple Run for iOS devices. While the game had been primarily designed for touch controls, its very basic movements mean that it’s also quite suited for controllers as well. Since it’s a platform-style game, controllers are very well suited for it.

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The Weather Channel also has Live Tile support for your Windows 10 menus. The Windows 10 version of The Weather Channel app is very similar to the Windows Phone version with your local conditions greeting you when the app is launched. Radarscope is a delight for meteorologists and other weather enthusiasts. It also gives information on natural disasters such as a thunderstorm, flash floods, tornados, and marine warnings regularly released by the National Weather Service of the US.

Unless you want the exclusively Chinese version, I recommend using the APK version that can be downloaded directly to your phone. Android is based on Linux, which has a strict policy on user permissions.

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If you really need the Google Play app, you might be interested in other answers which instruct how to root an Android virtual device. I think you can use “Root.apk” stored on filecrop to root the emulator because, at each reboot, it root the system.

Now, this app hides your apps by cloning them to its own vault so that you can delete the original app from your device. The application you want to hide will stay in the vault. The One Click Root app supports Androids 2.2.X to 4.0.X. For devices running Android latest versions, you can use the “Remote root service” of this app. Your device will be rooted by one of their experts via Team Viewer.

You can choose either specific radars from different areas in the world, or just enter your own location and see the radar view from there. Instead of relying on a bunch of extra features to show your weather information, Yahoo Weather does things a bit differently. The app uses various images from Flickr to provide a backdrop for what weather conditions are for the day. Scrolling down provides the forecast and other minor details, while the big (+) button in the top right corner makes it easy to add other cities to scroll between. From within the app, you can view some basic information at the top, including the temperatures and any expected precipitation. But as you scroll further down, you’ll see more in-depth details about the day.